Means of Implementation

Criteria for Industrial Products

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Training for Creativity and Innovation by Product and Process Design


The objectives are to ensure students undergoing the practical Learning Programme to attain:

  • practical experience and competence in employing different tools and machinery for different materials in various industrial processes (including part and mould tooling and casting from units of Hot Metals / Plastics, Sheet Metal & Welding, Material Surface Finishing, Machining and Non-conventional Machining);
  • holistic picture of various stages and processes in typical industrial project;
  • understanding of roles of different workshops in relation to the whole project;
  • recognition of potentials and constraints underlying different processes and materials, and their implications to feasible form through practical experience;
  • introduction to important theoretical concepts such as standardization for interchangeability, for cost efficiency and for mass production;
  • technical competence in using major types of current Reversed Engineering, CAD, CAM and RP software and hardware in prototype design;
  • appreciation of specific functions and limitations in different computer systems, and exposure to latest information technologies, such as Product Data Management (PDM), to facilitate management and integration of information exchange throughout the processes in the industry; and
  • appreciation of significance of collaborative work.

From solid holistic foundation of practical and theoretical knowledge and experience, abilities of students after learning can be better equipped for:

  • further specialization in work and study;
  • positions requiring resource planning, decision making and process design;
  • ability to Design for Manufacturing and Assembly;
  • project development with concerns on social, economical and environmental issues; and
  • development of open mind and sensitivities in understanding and adopting future technological change or paradigm shift in the practicing industry.