Product and Process


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Integrated Training Programmes:
The goal is to enhance coherent learning among various disciplines in the Industrial Centre by integrating product and process to guide participating students ahead as competent decision making professional with holistic understanding and ability to design for manufacture and assembly but not just to equip them with comprehensive partial knowledge as pure technocrats.


  • General Overview

    Material Removal and Forming Projects
  • Mini Mill
  • Mini Lathe
  • Skate Scooter
  • Skate Scooter 2
  • Manhole Cover Lifter 2
  • Mechanical Drive Systems Learning Kit
  • French Fries Cutter
  • Robotic Stag Beetle
  • Robotic Insect 3
  • Monster

  • Product Development Projects
  • Toy Car 2

  • Report Template
  • Parts Work Sheet
  • Project Planning PowerPoint
  • Forum

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