Product Development
Integrated Learning Programme

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"Product Development Project" is an integrated project-based learning module. It targets for students without prior industrial practical experience. It is implemented in a holistic manner from creative idea generation to practical realization.

This project is also called "Manufacturing Design Project" covering theories and enabling technologies involved in product design and manufacture processes. It aims at developing students' understanding on the principles of product design and procedures of common manufacturing processes, and characteristics of material properties and selection through hands-on practical work.

It introduces students to various stages in typical product development process covering from design to prototyping, assembly, and testing. Students learn, practice, and apply related fundamental and advanced technologies throughout their learning.

Contents of this learning module focus on fundamental manufacturing processes with non-conventional machining with milling and turning, and also special emphasis on rapid prototyping development technologies. A mini-project is employed for product process integration to facilitate students to appreciate various processes and materials in a holistic approach.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this project, students will be able to:

1.      Understand the philosophy and implementation of the product design stage

2.      Implement from idea generation into product realization

3.      Understand suitable processes to specific classes of product geometry and attributes

4.      Understand industrial safety, engineering documentation, the properties of different materials and advanced manufacturing process such as rapid prototyping

5.      Understand and apply the basic principles of team working processes

6.      Understand the principles of design for assembly and manufacture

7.      Understand the industry production, inspection and testing

Learning Module

Traditional training brings students to fundamental and advanced level of technical competence through individual process oriented practice and theories. To attain the goal and objectives of "Training for Creativity and Innovation by Product and Process Design", this integrated learning module utilizes a project theme to integrate selected manufacturing processes. This module particularly focuses on advanced prototype development technologies such as rapid prototyping.

To facilitate students understanding the philosophy and implementation approach, design brief stage setting the project scenario together with other relevant learning materials are provided. During implementation, there are instructors providing guidance to the students on individual process. Each team also has a mentor looking after the team¡¦s overall progress and general issues throughout the module.

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